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We've welcomed the media to come check out our concept stores to share stories surrounding how we are preparing for legalization.



A Canadian brand embracing the opportunity to lead by example within the new, emerging and exciting industry of legal cannabis.



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Commitment to

We are an organization that believes in the importance of actively providing a healthy, safe and friendly addition to the communities we serve.

Neighbours You Can Trust

In addition to responsible operations, we are actively looking for ways to contribute directly to the needs of a variety of communities.

Need Our Help?

If you would like to learn more about our community initiatives, or if you would like to present us with an opportunity to get involved in one of the communities we serve, please contact us using the community contact form, or give us a call at 1-800-305-4962.

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When will you officially open?
Along with the rest of Alberta, NewLeaf Cannabis is waiting for clarity from the government regarding when cannabis will be officially legal. Having said that, our goal is to be ready to open July 1st, 2018 so that when the announcement is made, we will be ready.
What type of products will you sell?
NewLeaf Cannabis will be selling a mix of cannabis-based products suited for all kinds of preferences and lifestyle needs. Regardless of whether you prefer dried buds, edibles, concentrates, lifestyle products or even something for your pets, our mandate is to always provide the very best, newest, best-fit products for the communities we serve.
What makes you different from other dispensaries?
Our goal is to actively influence the perception of cannabis products and businesses by providing a share-worthy cannabis experience that’s inclusive and appealing to anyone seeking the right-fit education, products or neighbour. Our focus is on contributing positively to every community we serve, including both our customers and those who are influenced by our presence in their community.
Are you hiring?
Yes, visit our Jobs Page.
Which communities will NewLeaf cannabis be operating in?
Our plan for July 1st, 2018 is to have dispensaries all cross Alberta. Join our newsletter for updates.

Our Blog

NewLeaf Cannabis believes that there is nothing more important than the need to educate our communities on the products we offer and the business we perform. We welcome you to browse our ever-growing collection of educational assets as you continue to evolve the way you think about cannabis.

Now Hiring

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