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Aug 14, 2018

CBD and Bone Fractures 

Science will be working double time in the coming years to close the gaps in cannabis research and to build on findings of the research that has already been done. An area of interest will be to build on studies that have linked CBD to increased healing of bone fractures. 

There have been several studies on cannabis and bones, and the findings are compelling. A research team out of Tel Aviv built on a previous study found a correlation between cannabis and bone healing. They used both CBD and THC as well as CBD exclusively to gauge the healing time in rats with mild fractures. They found that the group given CBD alone experienced accelerated healing, and that the healed bones were stronger and more resistant to future fractures.  


In earlier studies on cannabis and bone science, a receptor was identified as part of the endocannabinoid system that seems the key to understanding the relationship between CBD and bone healing. Its name, GPR55, may sound a little dull, but this receptor remains relatively unknown. In clinical settings, findings suggest that it plays a strong role in the regulation of bone mass. It further suggests that THC acts on this receptor in the opposite way as CBD does – meaning THC could negate the positive effects on bones that studies suggest CBD is responsible for. 

What could this mean? 

There are many conditions that can impact the bones, from accidents causing breaks and fractures, to degenerative diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. For some, a broken arm is just inconvenient – something they have to patiently wait out until the day the cast comes off. But some breaks are very complex. Some people just don’t heal as well as others from a break. Poor healing can leave a person more vulnerable to re-fracturing that same bone for the rest of their life. 

As for osteoporosis, there are many who are eager for more research on how to treat, or better still, prevent this disease. Osteoporosis is very common in those over age 50 in Canada, with women impacted almost twice as frequently as men. It leaves sufferers constantly vulnerable to breaks and fractures (particularly of the hip, wrist, and spine), and can lead to a compression of the vertebrae, loss of height, hunched posture and other musculoskeletal problems as the body tries to compensate for no longer being able to stand upright. It can also lead to isolation and depression as mobility and independence become compromised. 

No Bones About It 

Research into the relationship between CBD and bone health has been very promising so far. With the coming legal market and a substantial research investment in the 2018 federal budget, a deeper look at how CBD and the GPR55 receptor interact are likely not far away. Approximately 1.4 million Canadians have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis and untold more contend with fractures and breaks. Unlocking the mysteries of the GPR55 receptor in bone healing could be a key to improving the quality of life and health for sufferers. 




Aug 7, 2018

New to vaping? Here’s how it works.

Legalization is just around the corner. Depending on who you are, some are anticipating this with excitement, others with apprehension. One of the biggest tensions playing out is the question of multi-dwelling units. Apartment buildings, condos, short-term rentals… There are those who want to enjoy cannabis in their home, and those who don’t want to get even a faint whiff of it. Enter the art of the vape. 

Vaping 101 

New to vaping? Here’s how it works. Unlike smoking, which literally lights things to a smouldering fire for inhaling, vaping heats the cannabis only enough to release the THC, CBD, and terpenes. Nothing burns. Even if you’ve seen big, white plumes exhaled by a person pulling on a vape, that’s not smoke. Smoke is produced by combustion, and that means something must burn. Vaping produces only water vapour and cannabinoids. 

Because it’s done at lower temperatures and produces a mist of vapour instead of smoke, vaping offers a more discreet way to enjoy cannabis. Vaping produces less of the signature cannabis scent of a freshly smoked joint. Different vape models exist for flower and for cannabis oils. Vaping flower tends to be a bit heavier in the scent department than vaping oils. No vaping will eliminate the scent entirely, but it will reduce it quite a bit. For many, a move to vaping helps keep the peace with neighbours and landlords who don’t share a love of the green flower. Early study of vaping also suggests it is gentler on the respiratory system since it doesn’t contain the carcinogens produced through burning the plant matter. 

High-end vapes offer expert level temperature control so the most discriminating of consumers can customize their settings by strain. This makes the most of the terpenes – those amazing essential oils that give cannabis strains their incredible range of scents and flavours. Some terpenes are activated at roughly the same temperature as THC (about 157 C), but others require more or less heat. Caryophyllene, for example, needs relatively little heat and mists up in a vape at about 119 C. Limonene, on the other hand, which is found in many of the strains with heavy citrus scents, needs a vape that can crank the heat up to around 177 C.  

Portable or Tabletop? 

While there is a huge range of different models, vapes pretty much fall into two categories: portable and tabletop. Portable vapes are small and designed for easy carrying in a pocket or purse. Most have a rechargeable battery with a USB port, and many models use heating coils that are swapped out regularly to keep on enjoying a pull or two on the go. 

Portable vapes can range from around $30 -$40 to over $300. The more sophisticated models typically have superior temperature control, are easier to clean, and have fewer parts to replace regularly. Some also offer extra features, like different styles of mouthpiece so each consumers can choose what feels best for them. 

Tabletop vaporizers are much larger and not easy to cart around. They are made more for those who don’t want to take the good times on the road, but who love to enjoy at home. Tabletop vapes can be quite heavy and take up a good chunk of a coffee table. They can use hoses for inhalation or bubble bags. Bubble bags get attached direct to the vape and slowly fill with cannabis vapour as the machine works it magic. They usually offer a higher degree of temperature control and many have the added bonus of being able to prepare a lot more cannabis at once. Some bag models can fill up to six bags at a time – an excellent option for someone who wants to be the host with the most! 

Making the Move to Vaping 

Vaping was already a growing trend. With so many looking for ways to keep a balance between enjoying their weed in their own home and keeping the peace with neighbours and landlords, vaping is expected to rise. Thinking of making the move? Here are a few questions to ponder. Do you want to vape flower, or cannabis oil, or both? Do you want something portable to take on the go, or do you prefer to enjoy at home only? Do you want a starter model to see if you like vaping, or are you ready to go all in with the best in temperature control for the full experience? 

There’s a whole world of vapes out there and there is a right model for you. Let us help you find it.  





Jul 31, 2018

We Are Hiring!

Okay, cannabis pioneers! The moment has arrived. WE ARE HIRING! 

Have you been watching and waiting for your moment to shine? It’s here. NewLeaf Cannabis will be hosting our first job fair in Calgary. We are recruiting for store managers, assistant managers, and front-line cannabis advisors. Does that sound like you? 

Over the past few months, we’ve had many people approach with questions about whether they might be a fit. With our Calgary job fair starting tomorrow, here are answers to the three most frequently asked questions we’ve had from our social media, our email contacts, and at cannabis expos. 

I’ve Never Sold Cannabis 

Let’s put this one to rest. Virtually no one has direct experience working in a cannabis store! How could they? There haven’t been any legal ones! Don’t sweat a lack of experience selling ganga. Focus on what you bring from other work experience that relates. Have you worked in sales? In customer service? In an environment where checking ID regularly was part of your everyday work? Have you managed and developed a team? Have you worked in an environment where you were helping break down stigma? We value that experience highly at NewLeaf. We want to hear from you. 

I’m Not Trained in Cannabis 

This one scares a lot of people. No need for worry. We are building our own robust training program to bring everyone up to speed, to debunk cannabis myths, and to spark a lifelong curiosity about this amazing plant. Everyone who starts with us will get a lot of support to learn the ropes – from the policies and procedures we’ll be following to make sure our stores are always compliant and safe, to our online cannabis 101 and customer experience program, to our in-store training. Everything from ‘who do I card?’ to ‘what the heck is a landrace strain?’ to ‘how do I take apart and clean this vaporizer?’ We’ll make sure you have what you need to succeed.  

Psst… I Enjoy Cannabis. Am I Allowed to Talk About It? 

This is one that gets some people tongue-tied and tripped up. It’s a question that many who personally enjoy cannabis wonder about. Can I talk about my own use with customers? 

The answer is absolutely. We want product and brand ambassadors. We can’t ask you to fight stigma while stigmatizing yourself. If you are a lover of the green flower, you can offer your own testimonials, share your personal experience of products, and help customers feel more comfortable talking about their preferences and their own usage. We are happy to provide an environment where staff and customers can break down the barriers to openly discussing cannabis. One point of clarity though. We don’t serve intoxicated people and we don’t serve people while intoxicated. Zero tolerance for intoxication on the job at NewLeaf. But no holds barred on talking about what you enjoy in your own time. 

What To Expect at the Job Fair 

If this has you imagining your future in cannabis retail, this is your moment to introduce yourself. We’ll be at our Westbrook location (#110, 1935-37 St. SW) tomorrow, Wednesday, August 1st from 11 AM to 2 PM and from 4 PM to 7 PM. Then on August 2nd, come join us at our Deer Valley store (#18, 13750 Bow Bottom Trail SE) from 11 AM – 2PM or between 4 PM and 7 PM. 

Our job fair is an informal drop in. You’re invited to swing by, say hi, meet some of our fantastic leadership team, and let us get to know each other. You don’t need anything more than yourself and a copy of your current resume. If you want to up the ante, you can also bring along other things you’d like us to see. Already completed the AGLC mandatory certification for cannabis workers? Good for you! Bring your certificate along. Are you a go-getter who found a cannabis education program and jumped into it? Great! Let us know which one, how you found it, and what you learned. Do you have a letter of reference that you’re proud of? Bring it along and humblebrag it to us! 

If you can’t make either date, don’t despair. You can submit your resume by email at hiring@newleafcannabis.ca right away. 

Do you want to be part of launching a new industry? Of helping customers come out of the dark alleys of the black market and into the sunshine of a legal and stigma-free experience? Of being part of a great work culture that never asks you to hide who you are and what you enjoy?  

Thought so. See you tomorrow!