February 10, 2019

Are you curious about cannabis? What about the perceptions of cannabis among your neighbours? For some, talking about cannabis is still a little uncomfortable, so allow us to equip you with a few current statistics for your consideration and future conversation.

A new survey of Albertans conducted by Leger for retailer National Access Cannabis in late-2018, asked 1,525 Canadians a variety of questions surrounding their views, preferences and practices surrounding cannabis.

The following outlines some of the more interesting answers gathered:

“Which activities are MOST enjoyable after consuming cannabis?”

  • 32% of Albertans surveyed said eating is the most enjoyable post-cannabis activity — that number was the highest in the country.
  • Watching TV or movies after cannabis was the next most enjoyable for Albertans at 21% — again, that number was the highest in the country. The national average was 17%.
  • Having sex after cannabis was the next most popular in Alberta at 18%, matching the national average.
  • Experiencing nature (11%) and artistic activities (10%) rounded out the top five most fun post-cannabis activities for Albertans.
  • Finishing the list was meditation or yoga (9%), giving or receiving massages (7%) and reading (4%).


Overall, younger Canadians (18-34 vs. 35 and older) and men (vs. women) are more likely to say each of the above-listed activities are enjoyable after consuming cannabis.

Does legalization change attitudes and behaviours? A benchmark survey conducted by Leger for retailer National Access Cannabis suggests that, at least for a small group of Albertans, the answer is ‘yes’.

  • When it comes to attitudes and intentions post legalization, a small (but not insignificant) number (8%) say they will start consuming recreational cannabis now that it’s legal.
  • The total number of Albertans who are likely to either start or continue consuming cannabis now is nearly one-in-five (18%) the lowest in the country. The national average is 23%
  • Nationally, younger adults (18-34) are most likely to start consuming cannabis — 13% will start now that it’s legal.
  • On the other end of the scale, people over 55 are least likely to start consuming cannabis (only 7% will start now that it’s legal).
  • Albertans are the most likely in the country to talk to their kids about societal and peer pressure at 18% — the national average is 14%


The survey also probed the economic and societal impact of cannabis. Here is what excites Albertans about cannabis being legal.


From an economic standpoint


  • One-in-five Albertans (21%) feel the economic impact of legal, recreational cannabis will be positive. That number trails the rest of the country — the national average is 28%.
  • 16% of Albertans feel they will benefit from cannabis legalization in terms of personal business/career opportunities, which is near the national average of 18%.
  • 13% of Albertans feel that product innovations brought on by the legalization of cannabis will benefit consumers —the national average is 16%.
  • Albertans are also most likely in the country to consider working for a cannabis company (8%) – the national average is 5%.


From a societal perspective

  • Nearly one-in-five Albertans (18%) believe that cannabis legalization will begin reducing the stigma associated with its use—below the national average of 22%.
  • One-in-ten Albertans are simply excited about the fact that they can consume cannabis legally. That number trails the rest of the country —the national average is 15%.


Nationally, there is a generational difference; younger Canadians are more likely to see the benefits of legalization across all the above categories/questions while those aged 65-plus are least likely to see the benefits.

It will be interesting to see how these numbers shift along with a changing mindset around cannabis consumption as more and more Canadians are exposed to experiencing legal cannabis. We will be sure to stay engaged with this evolution and share whatever we can with our valued followers.


Stay tuned…