Namaste by Zenabis Recycling Program

October 25, 2019

Here at NewLeaf, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We’re often asked if our plastic cannabis packaging is recyclable. We’ve got great news — it is! Our partners at Namaste by Zenabis have created a recycling box that accepts any and all cannabis packaging from licensed retailers. They’ve already collected 1,200 kg of mixed plastics, which would have otherwise gone to a landfill. This collection has saved the equivalent of 5,774 kilowatts of energy and 4.1 tons of carbon emissions. That’s a considerable amount of resources!

Want to know how it works? Bring your empty cannabis containers back to any NewLeaf location and look for the Namaste Recycling Box. Ensure that all cannabis product is removed from the packaging before depositing it into the bin.

Once the Namaste Recycling Box is full to the brim, it’s picked up and delivered to a local recycling facility. The first stage of recycling involves sorting the plastics into individual types so it can be processed accordingly. Sorted plastic is washed to remove any impurities, labels or adhesives. After cleaning, the plastic is shredded into small pieces by running it through several conveyor belts. The small pieces are then identified and classified to determine the quality and class of the plastic. The final process involves melting the shredded plastic and forming it into pellets. These pellets are used to make a vast range of plastic products.

Curious to find out what your old containers and tubs get recycled into? The cannabis industry uses a plastic called #1 PET for the majority of their packaging. This common plastic is used to make water bottles and various packaging. #1 PET can be recycled into clothing, carpets, and stuffing for pillows. Small tubs and pre-roll containers are often made from #5 polypropylene. This plastic is much tougher and heat-resistant. #5 polypropylene can be recycled into car batteries, garden rakes, storage containers, ropes, brooms, and more.

Want to get creative? Reusing or upcycling your used packaging is a great way to support the environment. Plastic tubs are ideal for organizing small and loose items such as batteries, paper clips, coins, screws, nails, hair clips and jewelry.

Give your used cannabis containers new life by bringing them to us in our stores! Find a location near you today.