General Inforamtion

Whenever we get final confirmation on store license approvals, we will communicate it in real-time to our communities via NewLeaf's website and social channels.

NewLeaf Cannabis will be selling a mix of product strains and potencies, well-suited for all kinds of preference. Regardless of whether you prefer dried buds or oils, our mandate is to always provide the very best, newest, best-fit legal products for the communities we serve. We will also be selling extras including pipes, bongs, vaporizers, trays, papers and other in-demand accessories.

Our goal is to actively influence the perception of cannabis products and businesses by providing a share-worthy cannabis experience that’s inclusive and appealing to anyone seeking the right-fit education, products or neighbour. Our focus is on contributing positively to every community we serve, including both our customers and those who are influenced by our presence in their community.

Yes, always. Please visit our Jobs Page browse positions and apply.

We are in the process of opening stores all across Alberta. To view hours and addresses, visit our Contact Page.


All our current available positions are listed on our Jobs Page. As we continue to grow, more positions will be listed, so please check back often.

Please visit our Jobs Page and follow the step-by-step instructions you see there.

Tip: If you want to stand out, be prepared and add copies of any relevant qualifications such as SellSafe and/or your Qualified Cannabis Worker Certification to your application and do your research into our company, our values and think about why you want to work with us!

National Access Cannabis are actively working with the Alberta government to secure all of our NewLeaf store licenses in time for October 17th, or as soon as possible following legalization. When we get final confirmation on store license approvals, we will communicate it in real-time to our communities via NewLeaf's website and social channels. From our standpoint, we have multiple locations ready to open, and will wait for the approval process to run its due course.

Yes. If you have lots of retail experience and have demonstrated that you are willing and able to learn (and retain) new things, make sure you apply! You may also want to enroll in some of the online training available to show that you’re taking some initiative and responsibility for your personal development.

Yes, you will definitely need to complete your AGLC SellSafe online as well as apply to be a Qualified Cannabis Worker. These are required by AGLC before you can even start work as one of our team members in a store. As these may take a while, it’s best to have these before you apply. For certain roles, such as Store Managers and above, you will be required to complete more extensive background checks and paperwork for the AGLC. If this is required, we will let you know during the recruitment process.

We are committed to paying competitive wages for the retail cannabis industry. As the industry is new, you can expect that the rates will start out as comparable to other retail positions.