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Last Updated: - August 15, 2018

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Last Updated: - August 15, 2018

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'Coming soon': Retailer nailing down cannabis shops ahead of city bylaw

Retailers looking to cash in on recreational pot legalization are wasting no time securing storefronts…

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NewLeaf Cannabis applies for 22 retail cannabis store locations across Alberta

NewLeaf Cannabis, an Alberta-owned company of Calgary-based operators, announced their submission of 22 retail cannabis…

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- January 1, 1970

Press Release

NewLeaf Cannabis Offers a Sneak-Peek at the Future of Cannabis Retail

Four concept stores across Calgary provide places to train staff, host media and begin conversations with communities.  

CALGARYAug. 15, 2018 /CNW/ – NewLeaf Cannabis has literally opened their doors to the communities they serve via four fully built-out concept retail store across Calgary, designed to train staff, engage the community and host media in advance of legalization in mid-October.

NewLeaf Cannabis is an Alberta-owned company of Calgary-based operators in the final stages of preparations before potentially opening 25+ high-quality locations across Alberta.

They are excited to help usher a new, more accurate cannabis narrative into the mainstream, and to this end, they are getting a head start wherever they can to ensure a proactive approach to an industry that will feature inevitable growing pains. Equipped with a comprehensive, custom-designed employee training program, a mandate of transparent communication and education-driven community engagement, NewLeaf welcomes the media and public to come and get a sneak peek.

NewLeaf CAO Angus Taylor, believes their approach to cannabis will attract the mainstream by capturing the ideal balance between shopping convenience and legal compliance.

“Our company is focused on earning the trust of the communities we serve, and that includes a level of proactive preparation, education and transparency that will help those who are uncomfortable with change, alleviate their concerns early.”

As one of the first companies to apply for their cannabis retail licenses, and as a group that has been invested in the process of understanding the details and challenges surrounding legislation and legalization since the beginning, NewLeaf Cannabis’ success to-date is a result of due-diligence and unmatched follow-through.

Test stores and ongoing research drove everything from the locations and employees they pursued, to the layout and designs of the stores; ensuring the same comforts, conveniences and service shoppers expect from their grocers, liquor stores or restaurants.

NewLeaf Cannabis’ name speaks to ‘turning over a new leaf’; changing any lingering, negative attitudes towards cannabis and its retailers with services focused on education, community outreach and appropriate-fit product recommendations.

Angus explains, “We are strong believers in the benefits offered by legal cannabis and are excited to help usher in this new age of acceptance and opportunity. We know there are a lot of questions out there — and we are committed to answering them.

As with anything new, there exists a period of cautious curiosity where newcomers look for ways to understand, evaluate and make informed decisions on whether to embrace or reject it. NewLeaf is advantageously positioned to provide that education and looks forward to working with Calgarians to understand, and address their needs — both now, and long into the future.”

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