March 21, 2019

Edmonton is known as Alberta’s ‘Gateway to the North’ yet also one of Canada’s sunniest cities. Winter is frigid around these parts, so, naturally, artistic buds connect and co-create to keep spirits high. The result is a cultural hub with spectacular culinary creations and year-round entertainment in ‘Canada’s Festival City.’

A Microdose of Edmonton’s History

In 1754, Anthony Henday, an explorer for the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC), found himself in Edmonton area. His expeditions across the Canadian Prairies were mainly to seek contact with the aboriginal population for establishing fur trade agreements.

In 1876, Treaty 6, which includes what is now Edmonton, was signed between the First Nations peoples in Canada and Queen Victoria. The agreement consists of the Plains and Woods Cree, Assiniboine, and other band governments of First Nations at Fort Carlton, Fort Pitt and Battle River.

Things to do in Edmonton


The scenic River Valley winds its way along the North Saskatchewan River and through the heart of the city. It features paved and natural trails and attractive amenities. Wildlife sightings are frequent around the River Valley, so bring your camera or binoculars to enjoy the view!

Hawrelak Park – The perfect place for a picnic or to take in a festival, Hawrelak Park is one of Edmonton’s gems located along the river valley. Explore the trails by foot, bicycle or even cross-country skis in the winter months, and in the warmer months it’s the perfect place for a picnic or to sit back and enjoy one of the many festivals that take place year-round.


Fort Edmonton found its home along the river banks in 1975. Named after Edmonton, London, the hometown of HBC deputy governor Sir James Winter Lake, this location became a major trading post for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Visit Fort Edmonton Park today, and you’ll take a trip down memory lane, exploring Edmonton’s growth from 1846 – The Fur Trade Era – 1920 Street & Midway. Keep Fort Edmonton Park on your radar for fun events like With Glowing Hearts – A Canadian Burlesque Revue | June 21st & 22nd.

Old Strathcona is Edmonton’s premier shopping and entertainment district. Voted as one of Canada’s five best shopping neighbourhoods, the infamous Whyte Avenue is located here. The Old Strathcona Antique Mall is open seven days a week. Venture out on a Saturday to experience the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market, Edmonton’s largest indoor, year-round market. With more than 130 vendors, you’ll find an eclectic assortment of hand-made goods: locally grown produce, specialty foods, jewelry, decor, arts and crafts, clothing, accessories and pottery.


Art galleries and music venues are plentiful in Edmonton. If you want to give the ‘Gram’ some Canada-meets-Paris vibes, visit the Muttart Conservatory. Reminiscent of the Louvre, these pyramid style skylights house three ecological biomes in the Conservatory’s year-round displays. The fourth pyramid is a gallery of creative art installations and featured pieces.

Important note: The Muttart Conservatory is getting a makeover. It will be closed to the public in July 2019 for upgrades. Rehabilitation is estimated to take about 18 months, so, don’t delay this visit.


A good day trip is incomplete without a delicious meal to top it off. Naturally, NewLeaf loves all things green. Vegetarians and vegans rejoice at Noorish Cafe. The art-deco inspired design is truly captivating. Taste buds will dance with impressive soups, salads, curries and pasta with proudly sourced ingredients from local farmers, bakers, cheese makers (nut and dairy alike), sprout growers and wild foragers. Noorish Cafe is such a treat that even your most carnivorous friends will be elated. That said, if the meat-eaters want something with more substance, check out the recommendations from our newest Meet Your NewLeaf Neighbour feature, with Nikki from Ellerslie.

If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going. And if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going wrong.

― Terry Pratchett

NewLeaf Cannabis operates three stores in and around the Edmonton area. Anthony Henday Drive, also known as Edmonton’s ring road, encircles the city. Depending on the direction you’re coming from or going too, a NewLeaf Cannabis Advisor is not far.

Our Edmonton Stores

NewLeaf Cannabis Kennedale – Servicing Edmonton’s northeast quadrant of the city. This location is tucked away in a shopping plaza mecca. If you’re driving east-west on Yellowhead Highway, take the 50th St. NW exit. Shops and restaurants are plentiful and Cinema City Movies 12 is just down the street.

NewLeaf Cannabis Gateway Village – Technically located in St. Albert, but those taking the northern leg of the ring road can access this location with ease.

NewLeaf Cannabis Ellerslie – Highway #2 connects with Anthony Henday’s southern leg and is in close proximity to Ellerslie, one of our busiest locations.

For complete directions and store hours, visit