Jan 25, 2019

Did you know that Calgary Alberta is home to the second largest urban park in Canada?

City slickers can immerse themselves in the towering pines of Fish Creek Provincial Park to explore, eat and get a free dose of pinene (a terpene found in both pine trees and cannabis). Fish Creek is our top choice for a YYC Day Trippin’ adventure. We support the arts, connecting with our green earth and love the communities we share.

A Little History

In the 1870s, John Glenn made history as the first European settler in Calgary. In what is now known as Fish Creek, Glenn cleared nine acres of land, built a log house and established Alberta’s first irrigation system. Almost 150 years later, NewLeaf Cannabis became pioneers in their own right; opening 3 of Canada’s first legal cannabis stores on October 28, 2018.

Two of those stores, NLC Deer Valley and NLC Midnapore are connected by Fish Creek Provincial Park.

Just like cannabis, a trip to Fish Creek Park can provide a customized experience for everyone. Indica-inspired visitors can chill out and create, adventure-seeking Sativa fans can get active and explore, and everyone can enjoy the fun and food offered by the Bow Valley Ranche and Sikome Lake.

Things to do


Fish Creek has more than 80 kilometers of trails, picnic sites and historical landmarks to explore. From day hikes and fat bikes, to summer dips and frisbee whips, the warmer days of summer are a blast.

For the other 6-10 months of the year, Fish Creek is still a popular choice for those who like to cross country ski and snowshoe too. Don’t have gear? Try locally owned Nomad Gear Rentals They deliver!


Interested in a little history? The story of the Bow Valley Ranche spans across twelve decades.

The legacy house has hosted incredible parties, entertaining many characters who were critical to the development of Alberta’s cattle industry; the Big Four. Some people believe the idea of the Calgary Stampede may very well have been conceived within the Ranche House walls, while many others have claimed to see the ghosts in the upstairs rooms.

One resident, Patrick Burns, was a conservationist and saw the value of the trees in the Fish Creek Valley. He started erecting fences around the groves of aspen and poplar to protect them from the cattle and planted some 2,000 poplar along the MacLeod Trail adjacent to Bow Valley Ranche.


Do you appreciate art? Nature photographers, poets and artists unite!

There is an abundance of flora and fauna to draw inspiration from and iconic farm buildings to use as a backdrop for portrait sittings. The Artisan Gardens is inspired by three central themes: First Nations history, family and the natural environment. This year-round natural gallery is open to the public, with more than 60 established Canadian artists and 175 pieces of original art showcased.



Got the munchies? Time to stimulate those taste-buds and dabble in the culinary arts…

The DIY option is to plan a picnic or BBQ. Fish Creek is full of tables and fire pits, offering a cost-effective and engaging way to visit with friends and family.

Don’t want to cook or smell like campfire? Annie’s Cafe sells coffee, ice cream, sandwiches and baked goods during the warmer seasons (closed during winter).

For a fine dining experience, the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant is located inside the infamous ranch house. Known for fabulous cuisine and infamous ghost sightings, dinner conversation should be entertaining for everyone from conspiracy theorists to artist history buffs.

Easy access to Fish Creek and The Bow Valley Ranche is available by car or bike, from either NewLeaf Deer Valley, or NewLeaf Midnapore.

If you find yourself starting, or finishing your trip at either location, be sure to read our interview with store managers Darren Read and Greg Pylypiw. These guys are characters and have plenty of great tips about cannabis strains and things to do in the area.