December 20, 2018
Our guide to the people and places that make up our growing cannabis community.

A trip to southern Alberta will land you in the city of Lethbridge, a.k.a the windy mullet. Its nickname likely stems from the frequent, strong Chinook winds that wreak havoc on hairdos, but help keep winter temperatures reasonable.

Take a quick trip over to the west side and you’ll find NewLeaf Cannabis Sunridge. Managed by Julie Pilling, this is one of three NewLeaf Cannabis stores in Lethbridge. She’s joyful, engaging and proof that you don’t have to consume cannabis to support people who do. Julie was inspired by friends who benefited from using the plant. Her pioneer spirit lead her to pursue a career in the cannabis industry.

After stopping by Sunridge for a visit and to check off some items from your cannabis bucket list, why not spend the day in Lethbridge: home to a massive urban parks system and ravine created by the Oldman River, just a short walk, bike or five-minute drive from the store.


West Lethbridge | Top Three Things To Do

Do you enjoy Indica vibes? Who says you have to stay seated ‘in the couch’ to enjoy them?

Sometimes the best days out, are ones where you chill… out. We believe there’s nothing like taking a stroll by the river or watching the night sky light up, after you’ve lit up. Here’s two locations that might interest your Indica-inspired spirit.

Popson Park

Originally part of the Urban Park Project funded by the Provincial Government, this public green space is filled with walking trails and picnic sites. The river borders the eastern and southern boundary of the park, forming flat land around the banks and coulees to the west.

Dog lovers, this park is home to the only off-leash park on the west side.

The Oldman River Observatory

The Old Man River Observatory includes an equipment room with several portable telescopes, an extensive library, a lounge area and presentation room that can seat up to forty people. Just outside the main building is a viewing platform for the portable scopes, plus a permanently (pier) mounted 14 inch and 8 inch Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes for visual observing.

The Lethbridge Astronomy Society is a mixed bag of space science enthusiasts and Registered Charity in Canada. The facility, equipment and all programs are funded by volunteers. If you enjoy learning about the night sky and would like to make a tax deductible donation, please contact the society.

If riverside picnics and stargazing aren’t your thing, we have another suggestion that takes you in the opposite direction, both figuratively and literally.


Nicholas Sheran Park

Nicholas Sheran Park is just five minutes from NewLeaf Cannabis Sunridge (in the opposite direction; east) and includes Lethbridge’s only Disc Golf Course. A full 18-hole course has been built on 100+ acres of a park that includes a man-made lake that’s great for boating in the warmer months and ice skating in the winter.

For an added treat, Nicholas Sheran Park also has an edible orchard. Yes, those of you with a green thumb and the munchies, you read that right…an edible orchard. Visit the park in the summer season and you can enjoy fresh apples and cherries, free for the picking.

West Lethbridge has a little something for everyone.

Consuming cannabis in public places has limits. Respect the law. Citizens be mindful. Tourists be informed.



The Oldman River Observatory

Popson Park

Nicholas Sheran Park