November 28, 2018
A beginners guide to cleaning and maintaining your water bong.

For those of us who choose to consume our cannabis in a water bong, there’s few things as satisfying as a cool, smooth toke from a freshly cleaned bong.

On the flip side, nobody wants to be passed a bong that has been used for an extended period of time without a cleaning; dirty water and dingy glass can be rather off-putting, especially in social smoking situations.

Science suggests that bacteria tales about a day to form in used bong water if it’s left to sit; leading to bad smells, tastes and the risk of inhaling bacteria into your lungs. And even if none of that concerns you, all it takes is one awkward moment to knock a bong filled with dirty bong water onto your floor or couch, and nobody should have to deal with that mess!

So, for those who choose to bong, let us help you ensure you don’t do it wrong…



Give it a Rinse
The first thing you should do is empty out your bong water and rinse the bong with warm tap water. Try to remove any ‘floaties’ or debris clinging to the sides by swishing water around against the walls and main chamber. If you do this every time after use, it can often be enough. But if you are more of a reactive cleaner than a proactive one, keep reading…


The Ideal Solution
There are a ton of options when it comes to bong cleaners; from rubbing alcohol to more natural solutions and a variety of manufactured options available in cannabis shops. Regardless of what you use, it can help to add a small handful of salt into the bong as well to assist with the clean. For cleaning purposes, you typically need to fill the main chamber with slightly less solution than the amount of water you would fill it with to smoke.


PRO TIP: To ensure the salt gets to the main chamber, instead of sticking to the stem/smoke chamber, use a spoon to pour the salt down the chamber.


Get a Tight Seal
If you’ve ever absentmindedly shaken a beverage without a tight cap (or any lid at all) you probably created a mess you’d like to avoid in the future.

The same concept translates into cleaning your bong. Before you begin to swirl the cleaner against the walls of the bong, make sure you cover up the holes with something air-tight.

You can buy rubber caps for this at some novelty cannabis shops, but you can also use stuff around the house (plastic wrap, cotton balls, elastic bands, towels, etc) to accomplish the seal.


Soak and Shake
After you seal everything up, let your solution soak in the bong for a few minutes to soften up any dirt or resin on the glass. Next, shake it baby shake it! With a firm grip on the covered openings of your bong, shake and swish the solution all around your bong, making sure it touches all areas you want cleaned. Do this for about a minute, or until you feel you have cleaned everything you can with the solution.

If you use it, the salt you added acts as an abrasive capable of loosening some of the dirtier parts of your bong.

PRO TIP: Pipe cleaners and a little elbow grease (that means ‘effort’ for those of you that were born after 1990) will help you get any stubborn resin off the walls of your bong and especially in the down stem.

Rinse and Rewards
Once you are done cleaning, drain your bong of the solution you used and rinse it several times to ensure you remove any traces of solution, salt or loose resin. Once you are sure it’s all rinsed away, refill your bong with the liquid of your choice and enjoy a fresh new, clean, smooth bong session!