March 22, 2019
Nikki Catling | Ellerslie

To celebrate another incredible woman in cannabis, we are shining a spotlight on Nikki Catling, the store manager of NewLeaf Cannabis Ellerslie, in Edmonton, AB.

Their store location is only 20 minutes to the airport, so they see every type of customer from locals, to travellers from 18 to 80 years old.

To call her an impeccable leader is an understatement. Nikki manages one of NewLeaf’s busiest and most successful locations. She hand-picked all her staff based of personality, love for cannabis and overall dedication. She credits much of the store’s success to her desire and ability to connect with and build relationships with other businesses in the community.

When asked what it’s been like to work in the cannabis industry? She giggles and says, “with running shoes and a smile.” We gave her 10 more questions about cannabis and the Ellerslie community which you can read below.

What did you do before managing a NewLeaf Cannabis store?

I was a Professional Poker Player and Personal Trainer.

Why did you join the cannabis industry?

To get in on the ground level of a budding industry offers tremendous professional growth opportunity.

Which cannabis strain at NewLeaf is on your radar and why? 

Canopy’s Plain Packaging Balanced is on my radar, as it sold out in less than two hours after our shipment and we’ve had fantastic feedback from customers. Delahaze is also something to note with the best reviews so far. It’s a high THC strain and the white ash means a clean burn.

It’s 4:20, what’s playing on your stereo?

I am a sucker for CHRISTMAS MUSIC which drove my staff crazy with it over the holiday season. Beyond that, I love anything and everything. Tastes change daily, but one artist I recently discovered whom I love, is Gramatik.

What was the last show you saw and couldn’t stop talking about? (tv, movie, band or performance)

Bohemian Rhapsody was life changing! I cried, laughed and cried again. Just the most amazing film, if you haven’t yet to see it, you must!!!

You have the munchies, what’s your go-to snack?

Dill pickle Spitz or veggies and hummus are my favourite snacks. I’ve been vegetarian for 12 years, so that’s pretty much a staple.

Favourite place to grab a bite to eat that is close to your store?

The Canadian Brewhouse, is a fantastic location and shares the same parking lot as our store. The manager Patrick has been so supportive to our staff. He even surprises us by deliverering pizzas to the staff. It’s one of the best business relationships we built over here and continue to watch it grow.

Your best friend is visiting from out of town. Which Alberta tourist activity or destination tops your list?

I am a true Canadian, so naturally a hockey game at Rogers Place of course!

Leaders come from all walks of life. Some of us are meant to lead. Some people are better off rallying with them. Does working in the cannabis industry speak to you? To work in the retail cannabis industry, one needs their Sell Safe and QCW. This application process takes 4-10 weeks and requires a police check.

Want to work in the retail cannabis industry?

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