September 5, 2019

A one hitter is a small, narrow bowl designed and used for a single (one) hit of cannabis.

One hitters can come in a variety of sizes, but they typically hold about 25 milligrams of cannabis. A common style of one-hitter looks a lot like a cigarette, made popular no doubt during the time of cannabis prohibition when discrete consumption was considered a benefit. It’s important to note that this cigarette style is currently prohibited for sale in Alberta but we are pleased to offer a variety of beautiful glass and wooden styles in NewLeaf stores.


How Does it Work?

To use a one-hitter, follow these steps carefully. It may look easy, but there’s a few tricks to it that will ensure an optimized experience.

  • Break your cannabis up to the ideal consistency: to ensure a smooth and even smoke free from ash, break up the cannabis the same way you would for a joint; an even grind, but not so fine that they would fall through a screen.
  • Dip it: Turn the one hitter over vertically with the bowl end facing down, into the container of ground cannabis. Lower it into the pile and twist. For a well-packed, long-lasting bowl, dip and twist the one hitter a few times to ensure its full. Be careful not to pack it too tight or you’ll end up restricting airflow.
  • Light it the Right Way: Slowly bring the flame of a lighter towards the bowl, keeping the flame as far from the one hitter as possible while still igniting the cherry, and begin to inhale. Just a second or two is all that will be required, and will ensure the one hitter doesn’t get too hot for your lips or fingers.
  • Keep it Clean: We recommend cleaning your one hitter after every use to prevent ash and resin buildup from degrading your cannabis experience. Use a poker or pipe cleaner to get rid of resin, and every few weeks rinse it with hot water, salt and rubbing alcohol to keep your hits smooth and your hitter smelling fresh.

What are the benefits of a one hitter?

There are plenty of reasons to use a one hitter – here’s a few:

They’re Easy
Joints take time, patience and technique to roll and bongs require water – but one hitters are as easy as a quick twist and single puff. Easy to transport and simple to use, they’re perfect for the busy, on-the-go smoker.

They’re Discreet
Their small and slender profile make them a favourite for anyone looking to consume quickly, without drawing attention. This is likely why many popular one hitters mimic the look of a cigarette.

They Stink Less
Due to the fact that they burn a small fraction of the amount of cannabis you’d burn in a joint (and therefore produce a lot less smoke) the air around you and your clothes will smell less than if you sat around smoking for minutes at a time.

They Help Conserve Your Supply
One hitters use less weed by design. The smaller bowls force you to conserve the amount of weed you are consuming and unlike joints, give you some time during your reload to determine whether you really need any more after all.

So, What’s The Down Side?
All things being equal in the area of maintenance and the need to keep your equipment clean to ensure an optimized experience, the downsides to regularly using one-hitters are as follows:

They’re Laborious

You’ll have to pack your one hitter before every toke, which can get tiresome if you are looking to smoke cannabis over a long period of time, or share it with others

They’re not great for sharing

True, anything can be shared, and we’ve all enjoyed a pull of a friend’s one-hitter, but for social situations and smoking circles with multiple smokers, a one-hitter falls short of a joint, blunt or bong.

Which One Hitter Is Right For You?

To find the right-fit one hitter for you, come down to your local NewLeaf Cannabis store and have one of our Cannabis Advisors walk you through our extensive selection.