April 22, 2019
What every cannabis joint smoker should have in their cannabis rolling kit

About the Author: Chad Hason has worked with NewLeaf Cannabis since 2017 as a marketing and brand consultant. In addition to a love for branding, he has a true passion for cannabis that shines through everything he contributes. Below, he shares his advice for those seeking a starter’s joint rolling kit.

I remember my first cannabis kit. It was a heavy wooden box, about six inches wide by eight inches long and had everything a cannabis joint-lover could need.

When you opened it up there was a sticker on the inside of the lid that read: Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed.

Isn’t that the truth?

In addition to these words of wisdom, my kit had everything you could want to facilitate the storage, preparation and consumption of cannabis joints. And while I would go on to have many cannabis kits that would hold everything from oils to vaporizers — the OG cannabis kit is a tribute to smoking joints.

And so without further ado, here is a breakdown of joint-rolling cannabis kit essentials.

Papers – I have seen impressive collections of papers in cannabis kits, but I believe that every kit should have three types of papers: the go-to favourite, a new trial paper and a special occasion paper. This covers your needs for reliability, keeps you open to new experiences and (much like champagne for the drinkers) gives you something to use for a special occasion.

Grinder – A solid, high-quality grinder’s importance cannot be understated. The amount of mess and quality bud you will save by having a good grinder is worth the cost to buy one regardless of whether you smoke daily, weekly or monthly. And it’s a great way to collect kief. Of course, if you don’t have a good grinder, you can store your grinder card, scissors or whatever else you use.

Filter Paper – Whether this is a pack of pre-cut filters or a collection of old business cards, it’s always a good idea to keep thin cardboard in your kit to be used as filters/tips/clutch.

Fire – Lighters and matches are crucial. Nothing is more annoying than not having a light after rolling a joint.

Pokey thing – If you’ve ever packed a rolled a joint or fixed a filter you know the value of a good pokey thing. A paperclip, pen lid or anything thin and solid will do the trick.

Roach Clip – Those who roll with filters may not require a roach clip, but who among us hasn’t rolled at least one or two joints without one? A good roach clip will save your fingertips from sticky residue and annoying burns.

Doob Tube – Great for keeping pre-rolls fresh, or for transporting your creation should you choose to take a joint out of the house.

Roach Container – Waste not want not. But at the same time, nobody likes the smell of ash and roach. Get yourself an air-tight container to keep those roaches out of the ash tray and odour free.


What do you think about the list above? What’s missing from my kit that you think every kit needs? Is there a better term for ‘pokey thing’ that I should know about?

Need to start your own kit? We would love the chance to answer any questions or needs you have at one of our 14 stores across Alberta.