Top 5 Video Games

August 6, 2020
Are you still figuring out what you want to do post-sesh? Sit down and rack up some points, solve puzzles or go on an adventure with the growing world of gaming! We've collected a few of our favourite classic video games to enjoy.

Mario Kart

We begin our list with a Nintendo game that everyone loves — Mario Kart. No matter which version you played first, the thrill of racing against competitors and shooting shells, bananas, and shrinking lightning bolts never gets old. Choosing a character speaks to your strategy in racing and hints to what kind of personality you hold IRL. We’d pair this eye-catching game with a bright Sativa! You’ll be shouting your player’s catchphrases with glee after a solid sesh.

Grand Theft Auto

Are you craving something a little darker? Get a taste for road rage with Grand Theft Auto. Take a walk on the wild side as you wreak havoc, take on mini-challenges, or play to win the overarching storyline. Enjoy leveling up your experience with characters voiced by Ray Liotta, Dennis Hopper, Samuel L. Jackson, James Woods, Debbie Harry, Axl Rose, and Peter Fonda. Play this game with a dynamic Hybrid and explore the exciting worlds in this smash ’em up open world game.

Little Big Planet

If you’re into solving puzzles and tapping into your creative side with cute avatars, Little Big Planet on Playstation might tickle your fancy. Dodge danger and use your wits to keep Sackboy alive. You’ll have fun on whimsical adventures and collect new costumes and customizations for your character as you play. We suggest a Sativa sesh for this surreal experience.


Are you looking for an alien adventure? Halo on Xbox transports you into a futuristic sci-fi world where you battle aliens to save humanity. This long time franchise has 16 games under its belt, offering you a rich history and compelling story. Get lost in gorgeous gameplay and thrilling challenges. Pick up a Sativa strain to match this enigmatic storyline.

Sky: Children of Light

You may be drawn towards Sky: Children of Light if you’re seeking a more relaxing experience. This intuitive free iPhone game encourages players to explore their surroundings, complemented by beautiful scenery, music, and visuals. Connect with other players by learning game-based sign languages and emotional expressions. Link up with real-time players by helping each other out on quests as you search for spirits, collect light, and fly with ease through mystical terrain. This game is easy to enjoy and would match well with an easy Indica strain.

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