July 17, 2018
Don’t Waste Your Weed!

Everyone has their own way to enjoy their cannabis. But some still don’t realize they are tossing some of the best parts of their stash… Or that the solution is a quality cannabis grinder.

What’s in a Grinder?

A good grinder does more than just make quick work of breaking down flower to roll into a joint. It stops waste. Cannabis is covered in trichomes – the sticky, luminescent bits that cover the leaves and flowers that contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant. Trichomes are very fragile. It doesn’t take much to shake them off the bud, taking all their precious cannabinoids with them.

Take a hand rolled joint. Sure, you can take the bud in your fingers and start to break it up that way… but you’re wasting some weed. Finger tips and rough handling can dislodge trichomes and see them stick to your fingers instead of the flower and the paper you’re rolling it into. And no. You can’t just lick your fingers after and expect any goodies from it. Without heat, the cannabinoids and terpenes can’t decarboxylate. That’s the process that converts the cannabinoid THCa, which is not psychoactive, into THC, which is what brings about the cannabis ‘high’.

Sticky Potter and the Chamber of Goodness

The first thing to look for in a grinder is the material. A good one should have some real weight to it. Quality grinders are typically made of stainless steel, aluminium, or even titanium. They have well carved, strong, and sharp ‘teeth’ to break the cannabis up evenly for smooth and consistent smoking and vaping. A good, two-piece grinder will certainly get you started. The inside of your grinder might get sticky and squeaky after a time as the cannabis resin collects on the inside. A downside to smaller model grinders it that the stickiness is actually wonderful stuff loaded with concentrated cannabinoids. They can get trapped between the teeth of the grinder. Some might be saved by carefully wiping the inside of a rolling paper over them… but a lot of papers might get torn up in the effort. At some point, you’ll probably have to clean out the grinder and see much of those goodies go to waste.

A step up is a multi-chamber grinder. These have the added benefit of a screen and a special chamber that filters and collects the trichomes as they shake loose during the grinder process. Depending on what kind of bud has been ground over time, this chamber can fill up with some lovely, powdery kief, or a stickier and more oily rosin. Both can be used on their own or to enhance a smoke or vape of some flower.

If you regularly enjoy cannabis, a multi-chamber grinder is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will you be able to show off your expert-level rolling with evenly ground flower, but you can open the magic chamber whenever you wish to share with friends or to keep as your own private supply.

Confession time, multi-chamber grinder aficionados. Do you share, or do you keep your kief a secret?